Intentional Grace Training (IG) Workshops

Fellow homeopaths…. 


The Intentional Grace (IG) card system was developed in 2007 by Therese Boyle, and is being used successfully by other homeopaths. It is a card system that flows into a comprehensive booklet categorising available homeopathic remedies.


We meet with our clients and ‘take their case’ in the usual homeopathic way. The exception is that we’re not thinking about kingdoms or rubrics or remedies, we are able to stay in the ‘curious’ mind through the whole consult. When using this IG system we learn over time that we are engaging in a different process that allows for the energetic aspect of homeopathy to be fully present.


Once the client has had the opportunity to articulate and explore their symptoms, questions have been asked and responses clarified, and if it feels appropriate to prescribe a remedy at that time, then the IG system is used to explore remedy options.


This engagement with the IG system eliminates the possibility of repertorising or prescribing from the feeling that we ‘know’ the remedy.


We step out of our thinking minds and into the oneness, the space between; universal intelligence.


We have established our energetic connection. We have the cards face down and shuffled. Then through either muscle testing or dowsing we test through the cards on the client.


Generally one card will test in and contain the remedy category needed for the case. At this point it is appropriate to move to the booklet with all of the remedies in their various categories. Again without our thinking/knowing mind engaged, we test through to identify a potential specific remedy for the client.


Once a remedy has been identified, our thinking mind kicks back in and it’s time to explore the material medica to discern the relevance or appropriateness of the remedy that has tested in.

It’s not a case of prescribing a remedy just because it’s tested in. We are homeopaths and the remedy needs to fit the totality of the case.


Would you like to work with this system?


We provide training to equip homeopaths to use the IG card system in their homeopathic practices.   


There are a few options:


  • Buy the IG Card system and booklet (containing over 3,000 remedies). Cost: NZ$150. Please note, this doesn’t include postage and packaging as that will vary.


  • You can undertake training virtually. Therese has successfully trained overseas homeopaths to use this system via Skype. To discuss contact,


Individual mentoring is available as required.


To participate in Intentional Grace (IG) training you need:


  • to be a qualified Homeopath

  • to be able to muscle test or dowse, we do not teach you this skill, we teach you how to apply it to this system.



Intentional Grace

Card System

$NZD 150

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Training Testimonial from a Homeopath


Finding Intentional Grace was transformative for my homeopathic practice. I was drawn to homeopathy originally because of its understanding and application of “energetic medicine”. Homeopathic remedies are energetic substances and profound in their non-material healing, but that aspect is often overlooked.  The Intentional Grace system takes that knowledge and applies it to the whole process of case taking, health and remedies. 


I am located in the US and wanted to learn more once discovering it was available to other homeopaths. Through private SKYPE consults with Therese I was able to experience the process for my own healing and also to learn the system for my practice. It was a connecting, transformative and beautiful experience. I had no challenges learning via SKYPE, especially after experiencing a consult with Therese.


-Carrie Hamilton HMC